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Read To Me


“Year after year children's reading plummets while the use of apps, games, and social media continues to skyrocket.”


R ecent studies have shown that year after year, children’s reading plummets while the use of apps, games, and social media continues to

skyrocket. So we decided to do something about it.

We used AR in a non traditional way as we wanted to enhance the experience of book reading. We also wanted to affect human relations and this is the reason we created a stand alone product instead of a mobile app.

Read to me completely changes the way that digital books can be read, and how publishers can profit from selling their contents as there is now a whole new field for multimedia books.

The Electric Factory

Y ou are about to enter a world full of adventures that will come alive with your voice.
To start, activate your microphone and read the secret word:

Icono micrófono
Jack and the Beanstalk
Read to me box Read to me light Read to me particles

S Icono micrófono o there was Jack, with the cow, heading to the market.
He was very calm when he came across an old man who looked at the cow with interest and offered to exchange it for some beans.

T Icono micrófono he plant, indeed, reached the sky.
And there, above the clouds, was a huge garden that led to a huge castle. Jack did not think twice and went there.

J Icono micrófono ack did not hesitate and took a hen that laid golden eggs.
He was going to flee with her, but at the last moment he grab the golden harp.

Welcome to the adventure!
Start by reading the name of chapter 1, as you progress you will unlock the rest.

Icono micrófono
The Market
El Castillo
Icono micrófono
The Castle
La Gallina
Icono micrófono
The Golden Hen
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To try the experience you need to use Chrome.

E n tu voz hay un mundo de aventuras.


A device that encourages children to read, turning traditional storybooks into an interactive experience.


Voice recognition

Through its integrated microphone, recognizes each word to advance the story.


Night mode

Its soft light accompanies the sleep of your child throught the night making them more confortable.


Intellectual growth

Reading aloud helps the emotional development of children and increases their ability to learn.


WiFi connection

Its connectivity allows you to update the available content in real time, so that there is always something new to read.


Mobile App

It is always a good time to read. Download the app to live the experience anywhere.


Integrated HD projector

High quality images projected for ease reading.

Parlante integrado

Integrated Speakers

Listen to dialogs and ambience as if you were there.


Energy saving

It turns off automatically if no one is reading after 5 minutes.

Available content

Choose a book to read and let the adventure begin.

Coming Soon

Download the Read To Me application, and let your children read interactively from anywhere.

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